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Concrete floors do not have to be boring and cold ! More and more we see basements made into great living spaces and this finish will make concrete floors more user friendly . Epoxy finished concrete floors are warmer and softer to the touch , easy to clean , water impermeable , hold up exceptionally well in harshest of the environments ( such as commercial kitchens and auto repair shops ) and have a mid-century modern feel to them . Their metallic look comes from mica added to the mix and while curing , epoxy makes very organic patterns . They are superior to stained concrete floors as any inconsistencies or cracks in concrete are repaired and hidden under epoxy coats . This product is for residential , commercial or industrial applications.

Get the look of granite , marble , quartzite or most other natural stone materials , or get a unique , one of the kind look , right over your existing counter tops ! We use American made counter top overlay system what can go over any existing sound surface or a new MDXconstruction . This product meets LEED Platinum standards and all health code standards for food prep areas due to impervious top coats used . It is a great choice for kitchen counter tops , bathroom vanity tops , table tops and outdoor kitchens . Here are some reasons you will LOVE it : 1) It has stronger impact resistance than stone and marble 2) More stain resistant than natural stone 3) No seams 4) 500 F scorch resistance 5) Environmentally positive manner - reduces waste by using existing counter tops , Low or no VOC , Made in USA 6) Damage from cutting / chipping / burning etc. are repairable , stone is not 7) We can customize it to fit perfectly in your house, office or any other project.

Epoxy Floors & Tops

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