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Wall Textures

We install big array of wall textures , starting from Natural Venetian plaster to  all the new low VOC green plasters what come in any color, sheen and dazzle. 

 Textures have become a big part of decorating world !  Textured wallpapers are very popular now , but we offer even better option : any texture with no unsightly seams  , durable and washable in custom color mixed just for your project . We have beautiful array of finishes what resemble linen or silk fabrics , glass bead finishes , exotic hide textures and raised  " embroidered " patten textures to name some of them .                                         

Venetian Plaster is an artistic wall finish that is considered by many to be the most beautiful and durable in the world .Natural lime plasters are one of the oldest building materials; used since the Samarians in 4000 bc. We use plasters that come from Italy's network of family-owned, small factories who use traditional hands-on production techniques passed on from generation to generation. The beauty of Venetian Plaster is that you can choose which texture you prefer: extremely smooth and marble-like, rough and textured, embedded patterns, encrusted with sea shells, mica flakes or cork. Plaster can be burnished and left natural matte finish or waxed and polished to high gloss.

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